Representative to Mayor Oscar S. Moreno

Mr. Dionnie P. Gersana’s  Speech

(Representative to Mayor Oscar S. Moreno as Guestspeaker)

During the  GREENPASTURES  CORP.’s  1st  Year Anniversary

October 12, 2014

Dynasty Court Hotel

Cagayan de Oro City

Introduction :

Maayong buntag kaninyong tanan!!  Wow, I did not expect, wala ko mag-expect nga ingon ani ka daghan ang crowd…and I’m sure, hunahuna ni Mayor Moreno is with us this afternoon, pero nga he could not be with us because  he’s preparing  for   his travel to Thailand on tuesday, and his flight is 9AM this tuesday.  Unya Dili lang kini siya ordinanyo nga travel to Thailand  but  ang iyang pagadto sa Thailand because he was invited  to talk, as a  resource person siya in one of the international meetings of USAID which will be held in Thailand…  all expenses paid for by USAID and that we are honored that our Mayor is one of the resource persons in that international conference which will happen in Thailand this coming Tuesday. That is why he  could not be with us this afternoon.


A very good afternoon to all of you, especially to , to me, is a genius guy, one of a genius guy in the province of Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro City,  no less than the CEO and President of  GreenPastures , Mr. Rey Paraguya,  and also his brother  who is helping the company, si Narz B. Paraguya, ang akong kaubanan kanhi sa Commission on Population, si Cristy Dagaraga.  Si Cristy dili  gyud nako siya malimtan because first time nako sa POPCOM nga nag-uban mi  there was a fellowship tapos she sang a song entitled …PEOPLE , paborito kaayo na nga kanta ni Cristy, and also one of my favorite song  (then sang “people, people who needs people)…guapo kaayo na, tsada, dili gyud nako makalimutan and interpretation ni Cristy when she sang PEOPLE.  So it just happen nga  nagkabulag mi ni Cristy sa trabahuan  because  then former Regional Director Romy  Balandra (may he rest in peace), he was  invited by  no less than the Mayor, Mayor Magtajas to be his City  Administrator so wala sad ko nakabalibad pag-ingon nya, Dion, uban ka sa ako sa City Hall  because without  Dir. Balandra dili sad ko kaabot sa Cagayan de Oro kay   I used to be the City Population Officer of Surigao  City tapos when he came back from Region 7 didto siya nagsugod  sa Surigao, from Cebu to Surigao nag-eroplano siya, and I promise nga ako’y magmeet sa iya sa airport   and then miingon dayon siya,  youll  be one of my  Senior staff at the Regional Office,   so wala ko kabalibad,  then pagbalhin sab niya sa City Hall, wala sad ko kabalibad pagdala niya sa ako, that’s  why ang akong tour  with the city government of Cagayan de Oro.


In behalf of City Mayor Oscar Serina Moreno,  I would like to congratulate the GREENPASTURES  family, headed by no other than  Mr. Rey B. Paraguya.  It would be too limiting to perceive this occasion as a mere milestone in the history of Greenpastures.  I truly believe  GreenPastures’ path has been entwined with the structures and people,  kamo nga mga katawhan nga nagsuporta sa GreenPastures that enhance its corporate accountability  and promote the products of GreenPastures,  and also, honesty among its people.  As an outsider, I could sense that GreenPastures has undergone  remarkable transformation  from a simple humble  beginnings, from a simple small medium enterprise now to be “LOCALLY GLOBAL”  (atong pakpakan mga igsoon), LOCALLY  GLOBAL, what a fitting way to celebrate your first (1st) Year Anniversary.  To the people behind the success of  GreenPastures you don’t  have to look far to see some of the most  immediate challenges before you…there are many problems today which will require solutions within the next few years.  In today’s  technology, internet, other devices e.g. cellphones, i-pads, i-phones  and mirage of other devices are contributing  to our growing needs, and like you, you will try to adopt every possibilities to be  innovative  for the advancement of your  company as your service to our people. You are fortunate to work in a company where you can wake up everyday and feel good about what you do… so, lahi kaayo kung nagtrabaho ka sa kompanya nga pagmata nimo  bug-at ang imong lawas because dili nimo masabot ang katuyuan but here in GreenPastures you work in a company and  you can wake up everyday and feel good  about what you do…..  once again its time for me to CONGRATULATE  all the beloved employees and the management team for  working  productively and meeting all the deadlines and, coming up  with new products, that’s what were going to unveil today, coming up with new products to meet the growing needs of your clientele.  For  the city government of Cagayan de Oro we darely say we are proud to have  GreenPastures in the city of Golden Friendship…  being in your own way have contributed for the development and promotion of Cagayan de Oro City. So, on this 1st  year anniversary of  GreenPastures, make use of the momentum, optimism , the  memories and the lessons of the past year to guide you all through the next.  Thank you and congratulations to the Achievers,  to everyone for gracing this special event,  let us enjoy this afternoon’s program and something special as organized by GreenPastures…. May GOD continue to bless GreenPastures,  its founder,  CEO and President, the management team  and its people.  Thank You very much, good afternoon and …..   GOD  bless us  ALL!!


Transcribed by:

Ma. C. V. Dagaraga

Business Development Officer