GREENPASTURES Takes Part in Kahimunan 2014

In celebration of the Kagay-an Festival, GREENPASTURES CORPORATION is part of this year’s Kahimunan Northern Mindanao Food and Lifestyle Show, a core event of the Higalaay Kagay-an Festival 2014. This will take place at Entrance 3 Hallway, SM City Cagayan de Oro, from August 23-31.

“These activities for MSMEs is very helpful in pushing growth in the region. As the region grows, CdeO will also benefit. As we celebrate the coming feast, we have to be grateful for these blessings,” Mayor Moreno said in his keynote speech.

Unlike the usual five–day affair, this year’s Kahimunan stall will still be available up until the end of the month, August 31, 2014

Happy Fiesta and See You There!